A few years ago, I created a tumblr account, today I created a blog. This is for the small victories in life and the small failures.

Month: June, 2014

100 Happy Days: Day 12


One of my favorite things in the world is when my friends drunk call me. Sometimes it is hilarious. Sometimes you can’t tell they’re drunk. Sometimes they think there is someone in their house and expect to die before morning (no joke). My friend did that once. Noooooo memory of it. It was hilarious. This time my friend Brittany called me and told me how much she missed me and how much I just need to go to Idaho to stay with her. We had a lovely talk before she went to bed. I love her to death. She’s one of my besties, so she made my day happy.


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P.P.S. Friends who took a screenwriting class before you are awesome when you feel dumb and have questions.


100 Happy Days: Day 11

So today, while I was on tumblr, I found a video that really made me happy. But before I show y’all the one I found today, I want to remind y’all of this one:

Well today, I came across a video very similar, and to some people (like Crystal) it seems like just another parody. But it’s not.

Now I know that this video is more violent, but it is just as adorable and cute as the first one that came out awhile ago. You would think this odd right? I bet all of you are thinking “How is slapping cute and adorable? Why are we even reading this freak’s blog?” But did you watch the video? Watch it and then tell me it’s not cute. I honestly wish I could have been a part of either one or both of these projects (even though the first one was staged). The second was not really staged as much as a creative experimental response to the prior video. This is what the director has to say:

I just really wish I could have been a part of this and that in the future, I can and will be a part of projects like this.


P.S. I know these aren’t pictures. But technically it’s a bunch of pictures together moving. So HA.

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P.P.P.S. So one last video, this is super cute, it’s just two of the people from the slap video and I die from adorableness:



100 Happy Days: Day 10

Hey! This post is actually on time! Today, my friend who lives in Seattle messaged me weekends he would be at home, with no definite plans. This means I got to message all my West side friends and ask whether or not they were busy. And after comparing the essential people I really want to see, and the people that it would be really nice to see, I am starting to plan my weekend visit to Seattle! This is making me really happy because I get to see super important friends like my two best friends from Wenatchee, and my two best friends I made during Spring in Ellensburg. I will hopefully get to see other Motion Picture Club members as well as some other friends I made before this year at Central. I’m just unbelievably excited and can scarcely believe I get to plan this already. I had been wondering if it would be in late August until I could make it to the west side, but now I know it’s sooner!  (The pictures are from my spring break when my friend took me to Seattle while I was staying with her in Tacoma).





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100 Happy Days: Day 9

So apparently my extreme happy turned to extreme meh–which is why this post is also a day late. And I decided not to leave my room. So the things that make me happy today are somewhat different today. The first is the owl blanket I made my mother buy me because owls are adorable and awesome bad asses and I love them to death. It is very cozy blanket. It has kept me nice and safe in my room. It also has been very helpful when I turn the AC on, so I don’t catch pneumonia. I also adore it because instead of forcing myself to do things, I could just be like “Naw, I got to keep my owl blanket company. It’s lonely and wants to cuddle.”


Another thing, not only was I not leaving my room, but it hurt/hurts to leave my bed because my back is in extreme pain. And yesterday when I was stressed and lonely and not moving, but had homework to complete…I decided to take a bath! It was warm and cozy and relaxing just like the owl blanket. I knew there was a reason I wanted a room with my own bathroom, it was so I could have the bath part.



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P.P.S. Sorry that it was less happy and more me against the world. The bath and blanket really did make me happy though.

100 Happy Days: Day 8

So this post is a little late due to road trips back home and exhaustion. But for Day 8, I had to work three hours because it was the first transfer orientation day! Because orientation had officially started, I got a fancy work shirt (pictured below).


After work, I drove for almost 2 hours to get home to find some papers and to visit my cats and dog. I came home, and my really messy room was spotless. I had a new duvet. My cats had claimed my room as their home when I left for the summer, so it smelled horrendously like cat pee, cat hair, dead birds, and something else I couldn’t even name. My mother folded all the clothes in my laundry basket as well. This has been the first visit in two years that my family and I have never had an argument. And I ended up getting more out of it like a clean room and a free dinner I got to cook (I actually like cooking).



And then of course I took lots of selfies with my animals. The Great Dane is Sophie and she is super old. Then we have the crazy Russian Blue named Lily–short for Lilith due to her demon likeness. Then the older boy cat, Antipholus–Tiffy for short.









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100 Happy Days: Day 7

Surprisingly, I had a really good day–a really really good day. And I’m still all smiley and happy about it.

It started out with breakfast. I never eat breakfast, because I never have time. But this morning, I had lots of time to spare. So I got coffee AND a bagel. Dear Lord, it was delicious.


* * * * *

And then work was really busy and somewhat confusing. But I like to be busy, so it was fun! And then even though I had a bunch of projects to do, I completed every one except for making one phone call! I call that a success. I also got to leave on time. After work, I went straight to the gym. At the gym, I ran for 65 minutes straight and it was gross and sweaty but awesome and my legs didn’t hurt nearly as much as yesterday. Then I also did the stair-stepper and THAT didn’t hurt nearly as much as the first time. And I decided to try zumba on Thursday! Afterwards I also found out that I am not graduating this quarter–which relieves me from a lot of stress. I am so not ready to graduate. I need to have first month’s rent in my bank before I leave CWU. Another thing that made me tremendously happy was the conversation below:



Sometimes I get frustrated with all the one or two word responses, so I asked to switch roles. And obviously he did. He didn’t get me quite right, although I think I did well as him. But anyway, my friend, Aaron (#AaronAmort), is this really hmm. How do I describe him? Well he’s odd–and I think I recently used the word freakish.  He’s technical because he uses cameras and does cinematography as well as photography. But he’s also artsy, because he’s really into making films and motions pictures. And well he just is. He’s very to the point. But apparently he is a man of few words, and doing random things like speaking in foreign accents and impersonating someone is almost never on his to do list. So when Aaron did this, I was busting up in hysterical laughter looking like a clinically insane person because it is so out of character for him. But anyway, this only made my day happier and more yellow-y, sunshine-y bright.


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100 Happy Days: Day 6


So today, I had to work. After work I decided to go to the gym to blow off some stress. And after running about 40 minutes, I ran into the weirdo pictured above. Technically he was my RA last year and possibly my RA again next year, but he’s also my friend (kind of). He was actually a super good RA for someone who is really lazy and majoring in pre-med. ANYWAY, he’s kind of the reason I had a good day, because I haven’t seen him since I moved out and into the summer hall. So we talked for a bit which totally helped me not feel my legs which were burning after running for so long. And it was basically my first human interaction after closing myself off in my room for a week (besides Lisandra).


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100 Happy Days: Day 5



So today I decide to get off my lazy fat butt and go to the gym. After a few complications, I got in and started running. I ran for an entire hour. And after that–I got on a stair stepper for the first time! Now I feel a whole lot better (and a whole lot sore). But I definitely feel a whole lot better! While I was working out, Bleeding Out by Imagine Dragons came on. When I was running and singing (in my head otherwise people would have had me sanctioned) I got this huge emotional relief as well as physical relief and it felt tremendously good. So much that I’m going back tomorrow and doing it over again!


P.S. Here’s the song that came on:


100 Happy Days: Day 4



Well today has been a day of stupid worrying and freaking out of the next couple of weeks. Now when I am not feeling well, I like to watch television shows or read a book while eating Chinese food. So of course I ordered Chinese food. I even finally added the ONLY Chinese place that delivers in Ellensburg in my phone. (I can’t believe I didn’t think of that earlier!) I kept watching Hart of Dixie so I can catch up to find out who wins Zoe. And when I needed a break from that, I kept reading my book, A Dance With Dragons. So basically these three things have made my day so much happier and relaxed!


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7 Is My Unlucky Number

I was born on July 7th, this means that when I fill out my birth date it looks like: 07/07/1994. I have always believed that this means 7 is my lucky number. And when I was a child it proved to be right. But every year for my birthday, since I was 8, things took a turn for the worst. I think the most recent successful birthday I have had was last year. I had two dinners: a family dinner and a friend dinner. I took this for a sign that my birthday was starting to be okay again! (Depression and stuff makes for really shitty birthdays.)

Sadly this year, I have to work for a couple hours on my birthday, which is on a Monday. So I thought, “Cool! I can celebrate the weekend before and go see all my friends on the west side!” The problem is that July 7th is three days after July 4th–which is also known as Independence Day. And I kind of forgot this, because after awhile, we stopped celebrating July 4th, because the fireworks show in Wenatchee is pretty lame, so I keep forgetting that it’s a holiday. So when I asked all my friends what they were doing they replied with stuff like:

  • “I’m going to Oregon to visit relatives,”
  • “I am going to really busy hopefully with a job as well as July 4th festivities,”
  • “Well, we are possibly going back to Wenatchee on the 4th, but I will talk to him and see if we can visit,”
  • and “Well I will be free but all the way in Spokane.”

Sadly, I have not received my first paycheck and am still in quite a bit of debt, so I was only planning on going to the west side once until I figure out my money issues. And during that trip, I want to see everyone I can. So it looks like I am going to be stranded in Ellensburg alone on my birthday this year. I actually think that this is the first time I will ever be completely alone on my birthday–that is unless some people can find time off and visit. And I am not feeling too good about my birthday this year because I am a little scared I will fall back into a birthday funk. I mean technically last year was still odd as well because after my friend dinner, I ran into the guy I was kind of in an unofficial relationship with. And we talked for a bit–but it wasn’t as much of a funk as the other years.

I am still afraid that everyone I care about will forget my birthday and will not even text me or facebook me. I know that it is really stupid, especially with the stupid facebook notifications that let your friends know. I would just like to actually celebrate t he fact that I am alive and mostly happy this year–unlike the past years. And as of right now it is looking pretty difficult to pull off.


P.S. If you will be in Ellensburg, WA anytime from July 4-7 let me know!