So This Happened: A Small Victory

by Laekin


I finally told the guy I like, that I like him. And as you can see, he already knew. Approximately two hours later we continued talking as if nothing happened. Some people would see this as a failure, but I see this as a victory. For me it’s a victory because I’ve only told two guys I liked them. And the first agreed to a date but then cancelled. But this one already knew. This means that our entire friendship is still intact and nothing changes. No one gets awkward and needs distance. And not only that, but I told him I liked him. 

Also I sent my friend Crystal the above pictured picture, and this was her response:

And it’s kind of funny, because it’s true. We weren’t charged with emotions. I stated something. He stated something. And then it was done. Crystal doesn’t think he quite understood what I meant. But it doesn’t really matter if he did or didn’t—except that I’m pretty sure he did. But the fact is, I told him. And his lack of response of “I like you too” or “I don’t feel the same” is better because it allows us to grow in our friendship without harsh feelings or romantic involvement. I finally gained the courage to admit that I have feelings for someone. And Jesus didn’t return, Crowley didn’t drag me back to hell. I didn’t need a Doctor filled adventure in order to admit it. I wanted to say it. And I did. I’m changing for the better and I cannot wait to see what I’ll be like in a year from today.

— Laekin 

P.S. Crystal has a blog and I’m mentioned in almost every post. Crystal’s blog is here.