100 Happy Days: Day 1

by Laekin

Hey guys, so my friend Crystal introduced me to this thing called 100 Happy Days. This thing is actually a challenge where you post a picture per day and describe why it made you happy that day. And so far I have tried getting to know new people and tried putting myself out there to help me be happier, but with a relatively dead campus, I want to try this as well as continue with daily (hopefully) posts about weird things in my life and such. So. . .

Day 1:

nearlyfame nearlyfame1 nearlyfamous2

I finally found a link to one of my old favorite TV shows, Nearly Famous. It was my first exposure to British television, sex, drugs, and loads of cursing. Now I know this seems weird, but while everyone is busy doing things many miles away, I am happy just remembering what I used to be like and how far I’ve come. And how my One True Pairing (OTP) still hasn’t changed: Owen and Lila forever!! It’s not a very active day or exciting day, but it has been serene and perfect.