100 Happy Days: Day 2

by Laekin


So last night/this morning I stayed up really late in order to wish one of my friends a happy birthday! And barely even 5 minutes after midnight, my friend, Travis Pilarcik messaged me and above is the beginning of the conversation. And it made me have a really lovely day today, because I talked to someone I haven’t seen or talked to in awhile! And I decided to spread the awesomeness and bought my boss coffee and refused to take money for it. I also connected with one of my coworkers over mythology. (I know I’m a geek. Shhh.) And all in all it’s just been a really happy day. It’s also my friend’s birthday, and I’m super excited to give him his gift the next time I see him! Because I’m a really cheap yet fabulous gift giver. (I know, I’m boasting, I’ll stop now.) It’s a beautiful day!

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P.P.S. Happy birthday to you!! Happy birthday to you!! Happy birthday dear _____!! Happy birthday to youuuuuuu!!!!!

P.P.P.S. The reason the name is blank is because I’m not asking permission and just posting it.