Looking Forward to Graduation

by Laekin

For my friends who don’t keep up with the news, I am currently attending Central Washington University (CWU) which pretty much makes up the small town of Ellensburg, Washington in the Pacific Northwest. For the summer, I am taking three online classes as well as working a part-time job. Fall quarter will be my last quarter at CWU before I graduate with my BA.

And well, I didn’t really attend High School, instead I did Running Start at Wenatchee Valley College (WVC). I graduated in the summer of 2012, and no one told me I could have walked in Spring. So I intend to come back to the small town of Ellensburg one more time in Spring 2015 and walk for graduation. When I graduated from WVC, no one knew about it until my mother posted a picture of my degree on facebook. And it felt kind of awful, because I received one “Hey, you graduated! Congrats!” card from my Grandmother three months after I moved to Ellensburg.

While I’m scared to be thrown out into the real world or to even look into Grad Schools, I’m super excited to be the first and only person in my family with an actual college degree. I’m already thinking about ways to buy or borrow robes and a cap. I am also going to decorate my cap, because why not? I have already talked to my mother about possibly getting a mac or new computer for graduation–one for work and one for play. Because I’m going to be a writer (hence the blogging). And all that wear and tear on one computer really hurts it. Trust me, I’ve destroyed several computers from excessive use. Also, I want graduation pictures, because everyone is going to know that I have succeeded in my endeavor. I also would like to have a graduation party, because everyone in my family has had one. And the majority of them have been hosted at my aunt’s huge house. And it might be petty–but I really really want a graduation party so that for once people know how old I am, where I am in life, and that I am succeeding in life. For some reason, only once or twice a year, we get loads of extended family together. But people don’t really recognize each other. I’ve been introduced to aunts and uncles and cousins several times, but since we’re not in their immediate family, we don’t really get invited or remembered as often. So I have several people asking if I’m 16 (I’ll be 20 in a month) and which school I’m going to. And it gets frustrating, because I hate repetition, and they should know, but apparently I’m way off grid.

So I’m actually really excited to walk and have a party and to be recognized by people in my life who actually should matter. And this is the biggest thing I’m looking forward to right now. I even get to walk with honors! Eek!


P.S. Next up on Looking Forward: Seattle or Grad School!