7 Is My Unlucky Number

by Laekin

I was born on July 7th, this means that when I fill out my birth date it looks like: 07/07/1994. I have always believed that this means 7 is my lucky number. And when I was a child it proved to be right. But every year for my birthday, since I was 8, things took a turn for the worst. I think the most recent successful birthday I have had was last year. I had two dinners: a family dinner and a friend dinner. I took this for a sign that my birthday was starting to be okay again! (Depression and stuff makes for really shitty birthdays.)

Sadly this year, I have to work for a couple hours on my birthday, which is on a Monday. So I thought, “Cool! I can celebrate the weekend before and go see all my friends on the west side!” The problem is that July 7th is three days after July 4th–which is also known as Independence Day. And I kind of forgot this, because after awhile, we stopped celebrating July 4th, because the fireworks show in Wenatchee is pretty lame, so I keep forgetting that it’s a holiday. So when I asked all my friends what they were doing they replied with stuff like:

  • “I’m going to Oregon to visit relatives,”
  • “I am going to really busy hopefully with a job as well as July 4th festivities,”
  • “Well, we are possibly going back to Wenatchee on the 4th, but I will talk to him and see if we can visit,”
  • and “Well I will be free but all the way in Spokane.”

Sadly, I have not received my first paycheck and am still in quite a bit of debt, so I was only planning on going to the west side once until I figure out my money issues. And during that trip, I want to see everyone I can. So it looks like I am going to be stranded in Ellensburg alone on my birthday this year. I actually think that this is the first time I will ever be completely alone on my birthday–that is unless some people can find time off and visit. And I am not feeling too good about my birthday this year because I am a little scared I will fall back into a birthday funk. I mean technically last year was still odd as well because after my friend dinner, I ran into the guy I was kind of in an unofficial relationship with. And we talked for a bit–but it wasn’t as much of a funk as the other years.

I am still afraid that everyone I care about will forget my birthday and will not even text me or facebook me. I know that it is really stupid, especially with the stupid facebook notifications that let your friends know. I would just like to actually celebrate t he fact that I am alive and mostly happy this year–unlike the past years. And as of right now it is looking pretty difficult to pull off.


P.S. If you will be in Ellensburg, WA anytime from July 4-7 let me know!