100 Happy Days: Day 7

by Laekin

Surprisingly, I had a really good day–a really really good day. And I’m still all smiley and happy about it.

It started out with breakfast. I never eat breakfast, because I never have time. But this morning, I had lots of time to spare. So I got coffee AND a bagel. Dear Lord, it was delicious.


* * * * *

And then work was really busy and somewhat confusing. But I like to be busy, so it was fun! And then even though I had a bunch of projects to do, I completed every one except for making one phone call! I call that a success. I also got to leave on time. After work, I went straight to the gym. At the gym, I ran for 65 minutes straight and it was gross and sweaty but awesome and my legs didn’t hurt nearly as much as yesterday. Then I also did the stair-stepper and THAT didn’t hurt nearly as much as the first time. And I decided to try zumba on Thursday! Afterwards I also found out that I am not graduating this quarter–which relieves me from a lot of stress. I am so not ready to graduate. I need to have first month’s rent in my bank before I leave CWU. Another thing that made me tremendously happy was the conversation below:



Sometimes I get frustrated with all the one or two word responses, so I asked to switch roles. And obviously he did. He didn’t get me quite right, although I think I did well as him. But anyway, my friend, Aaron (#AaronAmort), is this really hmm. How do I describe him? Well he’s odd–and I think I recently used the word freakish.  He’s technical because he uses cameras and does cinematography as well as photography. But he’s also artsy, because he’s really into making films and motions pictures. And well he just is. He’s very to the point. But apparently he is a man of few words, and doing random things like speaking in foreign accents and impersonating someone is almost never on his to do list. So when Aaron did this, I was busting up in hysterical laughter looking like a clinically insane person because it is so out of character for him. But anyway, this only made my day happier and more yellow-y, sunshine-y bright.


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