100 Happy Days: Day 8

by Laekin

So this post is a little late due to road trips back home and exhaustion. But for Day 8, I had to work three hours because it was the first transfer orientation day! Because orientation had officially started, I got a fancy work shirt (pictured below).


After work, I drove for almost 2 hours to get home to find some papers and to visit my cats and dog. I came home, and my really messy room was spotless. I had a new duvet. My cats had claimed my room as their home when I left for the summer, so it smelled horrendously like cat pee, cat hair, dead birds, and something else I couldn’t even name. My mother folded all the clothes in my laundry basket as well. This has been the first visit in two years that my family and I have never had an argument. And I ended up getting more out of it like a clean room and a free dinner I got to cook (I actually like cooking).



And then of course I took lots of selfies with my animals. The Great Dane is Sophie and she is super old. Then we have the crazy Russian Blue named Lily–short for Lilith due to her demon likeness. Then the older boy cat, Antipholus–Tiffy for short.









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