100 Happy Days: Day 10

by Laekin

Hey! This post is actually on time! Today, my friend who lives in Seattle messaged me weekends he would be at home, with no definite plans. This means I got to message all my West side friends and ask whether or not they were busy. And after comparing the essential people I really want to see, and the people that it would be really nice to see, I am starting to plan my weekend visit to Seattle! This is making me really happy because I get to see super important friends like my two best friends from Wenatchee, and my two best friends I made during Spring in Ellensburg. I will hopefully get to see other Motion Picture Club members as well as some other friends I made before this year at Central. I’m just unbelievably excited and can scarcely believe I get to plan this already. I had been wondering if it would be in late August until I could make it to the west side, but now I know it’s sooner!  (The pictures are from my spring break when my friend took me to Seattle while I was staying with her in Tacoma).





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