100 Happy Days: Day 9

by Laekin

So apparently my extreme happy turned to extreme meh–which is why this post is also a day late. And I decided not to leave my room. So the things that make me happy today are somewhat different today. The first is the owl blanket I made my mother buy me because owls are adorable and awesome bad asses and I love them to death. It is very cozy blanket. It has kept me nice and safe in my room. It also has been very helpful when I turn the AC on, so I don’t catch pneumonia. I also adore it because instead of forcing myself to do things, I could just be like “Naw, I got to keep my owl blanket company. It’s lonely and wants to cuddle.”


Another thing, not only was I not leaving my room, but it hurt/hurts to leave my bed because my back is in extreme pain. And yesterday when I was stressed and lonely and not moving, but had homework to complete…I decided to take a bath! It was warm and cozy and relaxing just like the owl blanket. I knew there was a reason I wanted a room with my own bathroom, it was so I could have the bath part.



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P.P.S. Sorry that it was less happy and more me against the world. The bath and blanket really did make me happy though.