100 Happy Days: Day 11

by Laekin

So today, while I was on tumblr, I found a video that really made me happy. But before I show y’all the one I found today, I want to remind y’all of this one:

Well today, I came across a video very similar, and to some people (like Crystal) it seems like just another parody. But it’s not.

Now I know that this video is more violent, but it is just as adorable and cute as the first one that came out awhile ago. You would think this odd right? I bet all of you are thinking “How is slapping cute and adorable? Why are we even reading this freak’s blog?” But did you watch the video? Watch it and then tell me it’s not cute. I honestly wish I could have been a part of either one or both of these projects (even though the first one was staged). The second was not really staged as much as a creative experimental response to the prior video. This is what the director has to say:

I just really wish I could have been a part of this and that in the future, I can and will be a part of projects like this.


P.S. I know these aren’t pictures. But technically it’s a bunch of pictures together moving. So HA.

P.P.S. Want to find out more about 100 Happy Days?

P.P.P.S. So one last video, this is super cute, it’s just two of the people from the slap video and I die from adorableness: