A few years ago, I created a tumblr account, today I created a blog. This is for the small victories in life and the small failures.

Month: July, 2014

100 Happy Days: Day 43

Well today the pasta station was open. And I actually got pasta. I get scared to get actual food sometimes when there’s no crowd. But today I had a meeting at work that made me late. Which of course gave me the opportunity to buy pasta! I usually just get chicken Alfredo, but I was brave enough to try half Alfredo and half pesto. While it was delicious, my room kind of smells gross now. But I tried new delicious noms today so yay!


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100 Happy Days: Day 42


Do you guys remember High School Musical 2? Because I do. Well anyway the 6-week summer classes end at the end of this week. And It’s totally awesome. I realized I accidentally signed up for a 9 -week class. But I am pretty much done with those assignments. Just a couple of writing assignments left. Also I realized that after 20 years of life I picked some really good friends. Like amazing, spectacular, fantabulous friends. I think they’re keepers. Sorry guys, looks like you will be keeping me after all. I also have a really extreme love/hate relationship with Peter Pan from Once Upon A Time (Yes, I am still binge watching.). So I’m super happy. Especially because of all the awesome sleep I got!


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P.S.S. I know you’ll thank me for saving you the time of looking for this later:

100 Happy Days: Day 41


Today I filled out the paperwork that I’ll need for my new MacBook Pro! I should be getting it in a month almost exactly. Then I started binge watching Once Upon A Time again. I have finally made it into episodes I have never seen before. I watched all of season two and just started season three. And I must say that I am super happy with Peter Pan’s reputation in this one. It is the closest to the original fairy tale that I have ever seen so far.


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100 Happy Days: Day 40

Today I finished all my homework with an hour to spare! I even did some extra homework and laundry! Then I drove from Wenatchee back to Ellensburg. And it was pretty cool. I still have to make my bed and put my laundry away–which I’m actually going to do now, but since I don’t really have a picture of today’s events, I screenshot something cool for you guys:

Screenshot (24)

Now you guys can obliterate things since time first began, use it wisely.


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100 Happy Days: Day 39


Well today I went to see the magnificent “Maleficent” in the Wenatchee movie theater today with my friends Ali and Ashley. I was not nearly as much of a Phillip fan as I was the crow fan. Anyway, after the movie, Ali and I hung out for a bit at my house, then we went to McDonald’s and hung out with some of her friends. And it was a pretty good day.


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P.P.S. I probably should have done homework today, but I didn’t. Whoops.

100 Happy Days: Day 38

Today I drove back home for another eye appointment. I ended up hanging out with Nevin! I haven’t seen Nevin since we went to Life In Color together in Spokane.


{Life In Color: Spokane 2013 Photo Credit: Random raver!}

Nevin’s the power ranger, my face is right beside his. So it’s practically been a year since I have seen the kid. He had been living in Spokane and I had been living in Ellensburg. But he moved to Wenatchee and I visit sometimes since my cats and family is here.

So we hung out. And his boyfriend took me and him to the casino in Chelan. I just turned 20 and I have never been in a casino before. So it was pretty cool. I also got a matchbook as proof. Anyway, Nevin gave me two dollars and it took me  three hours to work through it. I only played slots; I didn’t trust the card games. Apparently I have some pretty good luck. The first machine I tried, I won $20. Nevin immediately cashed it out and we split the $20. After that I play another game where I won $32. And then I played another game and won $14. I gave Nevin the $14 stub.

Anyway, I told them I’d go home after I ran out or after a really big win. Once I only had 92 cents left, but then I won $16. Then I finally ran out of money and we left. I was really the only one who actually won big–on slots anyway. Then we raved in the car ride back. And I went to bed. Which is why this post is a little late. (Sorry about that.)


{Nevin and I at the casino. Photo Credit: Nevin Walsh.}


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P.P.S. Here’s a picture of my cat rolling around in the dirt and playing with a stick like a dog just for the hell of it:


100 Happy Days: Day 37

Today was hard–really hard. I never left my room after work. I barely left my bed. I felt positively awful. (Insert a picture of my flipping off the world here because that’s my mood right now.) But my friends made me feel better. I’m scared of things, like being honest, because usually people don’t hear me when I am. But today both of my closest friends proved that they were trying really hard to understand.

It makes me happy. Because I haven’t felt this good about the people I surround myself with since ever. It’s still frustrating sometimes because people are all so different from one another that no one can possibly understand everything. But I think that both Aaron and Crystal are really awesome people who probably deserve a better friend than me. I guess they just like me too much.

Both of them are some of the best friends I could ask for. I mean, Crystal takes care of me when I’m dehydrated or sad. She even plays with my hair sometimes. Aaron sends me these links to YouTube where it references a movie he quotes from regularly. It’s a little annoying clicking on links all the time, but it never fails to make me laugh. Crystal is great for talking about guys because she won’t ever tell you have bad taste. Aaron’s great for talking about feelings because he’s not a cyborg and he tries to understand things he didn’t understand originally.

Basically, these two help me through my rough days. And I love them both to pieces for being so patient with me and taking care of me. Even though I frown on parenting me behind my back. Or even to my face. I’m the rebellious sort. But right, I just mentioned that these two make me feel warm and fuzzy and stuff. And that their faces are unique. And that I’d like to keep both of them around for awhile.

I mean, Crystal makes perfectly timed Doctor Who comebacks.


And Aaron knows things. Like how to take pictures.


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P.P.S. Aaron, Crystal GUESS WHAT!? I put the hot in psychotic!

P.P.P.S. This is how Aaron laughs you guys, no joke.

P.P.P.P.S. Hey, Aaron! I beat out your tag on Crystal’s blog for once! Muahahaha.20140724-225457-82497841.jpg

100 Happy Days: Day 36


Today was a very dysfunctional and frustrating day. Really. On the bright side, I learned how to file. On the down side, today was a down day. I had several arguments with some of my closest friends. And my headaches are back daily. So yay! On the bright bright side, I spent some lovely time with my coworker. We ate food, ate food again, went to Fred Meyer, then ate food again! It was super odd. But it was nice to get to spend more time with my coworker/friend. And then things slowly got better. But I still never left bed because gross. But I feel so much better. And tomorrow’s gonna be a better day and today wasn’t so bad.

So I’m happy.


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P.P.S. The picture above is my coworker’s lovely sunglasses collection.

100 Happy Days: Day 35

I don’t have a fantastic photo that actually ties into the part that makes me happy today, but I still found a picture for you guys. My happy thing today is pretty awesome. So some companies had charged my credit card without my authorization. Which put my credit card way over limit. By over limit, I mean I paid $100 and it still was over. But anyway, I disputed all the unauthorized transactions and the money just got refunded into my account! So thank God! I’m not dimeless anymore!

Also, I’m rewatching Smash and I got to season two and now I’m getting emotional. But here’s a picture from season one:



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100 Happy Days: Day 34

1. Aaron’s back! Of course not before I already figured out everything I needed help with! 2. I’m getting a mac soon! My friend from MPC, Eric Durkopp, came over and explained a bunch of techy stuff. 3. I am writing a pretty decent script. Another reason Eric came over is because I needed help figuring out a decent film idea that I wanted to write. Since he’s a film major who has taken that class, I figured he would be a really good person to ask. 4. I had actual human interaction today. 

So Aaron’s back. Which is really cool because I needed help. It’s a shame that Eric beat him to helping me. He did act as my textbook while I was actually writing my script. I even got a full on confession that he has indeed been parenting me behind my back. He’s actually really good at it because I never even noticed that he was doing it. I guess I should thank him for keeping me alive behind my back. Hmm.




After work, I found my coworker eating lunch. So we talked for a bit then we went to the financial aid. It was actual human interaction. It was super intense after a whole weekend of bed and homework.

Then Eric came over! So much interaction. He helped explain what all those terms meant and which laptop would get me the most benefits for the cheapest price. I have been wanting a mac for about 5 years now. So I’m super excited for this and super grateful that Eric could help me!

Not only did I need help choosing a mac, but I also needed help figuring out an idea for the script I had to write for my screenwriting class. I had been stuck on a romantic genre all week and it was really bugging me. Because I was stuck. And I didn’t want to write that. Eric, being a film major and having taken this class before, helped me flesh out what I could write. We figured out that psychological horror was definitely something I’m drawn to. And we were talking and I asked a question: What if a ginger was killing other gingers because he was trying to prove that he has a soul? And then BAM! I started writing as soon as he left.

Just kidding. I am not that motivated. I watch Penelope while thinking how to cause the psychological  damage to my main character that he would need to drive him to murder. And Penelope was fantastic. I’m gonna be honest, when you see a movie on Netflix talking about a girl born with a pig’s snout, you don’t expect much. But the actors/acting was perfect. They even made it seem like a less cheesy movie. I think it’s one of my top favorites!

I got a lot of human interaction today and it felt nice after being secluded.


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P.P.S. Crystal, I never believed he actually parented me until he confessed. I’m sorry. But I definitely believe you now.

P.P.P.S. Hey! Crystal has a blog here. I make a lot of appearances on it.