100 Happy Days: Day 13

by Laekin


Today was a struggle. This morning I failed to get coffee before opening work due to two girls trying to use the bathroom at once. Then at work I had a fabulous day. My coworker even got me coffee before he took over. Hence the happy. Literally was struggle bussing the entire day, I cried tears of joy when he brought that back for me. DAY MADE. I totally have to do something for him now.

Also, I struggled bussed all day and had a melt down along with my facebook messaging system. Biggest melt down in awhile. (HINT: I really do need bubble bath now). But yeah. I kind of unloaded on a friend (once facebook messaging was back up) who was unsure how to respond.  But they tried. And while it didn’t work very well at first, they kept trying. And then soon the whole trying to thing became the TA DA it worked thing. And after a short nap, everything worked itself out, except the kinks in my neck from stress. So yay!


P.S. Find out more about 100 Happy Days.

P.P.S. Thank you coworker for buying me coffee. I owe you one.

P.P.P.S. Thank you friend for trying to cheer me up–even after it had already worked.