100 Happy Days: Day 15

by Laekin


So I kind of got addicted to a new show: Orange is the New Black. And today I have been binge watching it on Netflix, eating ice cream, and finishing my homework. It has been a pretty decent day after some roommate troubles. Essentially I like to be busy, but today I wasn’t. So I bought my coworker muffins–he had bought me coffee previously. And i got to repay a debt which was cool. But besides that, I did nothing all day but watch a new show–which is hilarious by the way I fully recommend it.


P.S. Want to learn more about 100 Happy Days?

P.P.S. Binge watching happens a lot more than I admit. I think I have a problem.

P.P.P.S. Hi. My name is Laekin. And I’m a Netflix Binge Watcher.