100 Happy Days: Day 20

by Laekin

July 7th {A/N: I fell behind due to guests, homework, and travels. I should catch up shortly.}


So today was my birthday. And Crystal was proofreading what I wrote our friend’s belated birthday card. And then this happened. And it was super awkward. I love Crystal to death. But she’s super spacey and this proves it. She was the first person talking to me on my birthday about someone else’s birthday. But it was hilarious so I forgave her. Also Kery came over and spent the night. Which is why I didn’t post this until now. And we had fun. We went to IHOP and Perkins because we’re awesome. I also made my family buy me a pie because I don’t like cake and they brought me cupcakes. It was a really good day, although I couldn’t spend it with everyone that I wanted to.


P.S. Want to learn more about about 100 Happy Days?

P.P.S Crystal has a blog here.