100 Happy Days: Day 21

by Laekin

July 8th {A/N: I fell behind due to guests, homework, and travels. I should catch up shortly.}


So today was the day after my birthday. And I woke up with Kery–who is living proof that my roommate is obnoxiously loud, the type of loud where she has to be trying to wake us up. My coworker covered for me so we had some free time. And we went to Starbucks and brought back something for my coworker as a thank you. Then we hung out with him when he got off because Ellensburg is a lot boring. Then Kery left. And I realized that both My Girl and My Girl 2 were on Netflix. So of course I spent the next 4 hours bawling my eyes out with emotions. And it felt nice because I’m not a really emotional person, I just tend to stuff it all away somewhere until I overload. Essentially things like books, movies, and tv shows help me release all that emotional grossness so I don’t unload it on people and get weird stares. So it was nice. And I haven’t had any emotional breakdowns! So yay! Plus nostalgia is really nice and soothing sometimes, and it super was today.


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