100 Happy Days: Day 24

by Laekin

July 11th: West Side Trip/Port Orchard {A/N: I fell behind due to guests, homework, and travels. I should be caught up soon!}


Today, I worked for three hours, put everything into my car, gassed her up, and drove 3 hours to Port Orchard to visit one of my closest friends, Crystal Gruber. She’s insanely lucky that I love her to death because I got stuck in Tacoma traffic which is pure hell to drive in. I also ended up getting this really odd one armed tan because my car doesn’t have air conditioning anymore. Because I was driving with the window down my left arm decided it was going to challenge my right arm to a tanning contest and win it. So half of me is tan, and the other half is extremely tan. I’m naturally pale, like I usually glow in sunlight. But my family retains melatonin really well, so I’m going to be tan for awhile. Anywho, after a long drive, on which I passed a women’s correctional facility and immediately thought Orange Is the New Black, I arrived at Crystal’s house in extremely gross heat. Her house was larger than I expected, but hotter too. Apparently their air conditioning doesn’t like to cool down the house very well. And she gave me my birthday presents because my birthday was four days ago and she wasn’t in Ellensburg. So what I found were two infinity scarves, one floral and one teal, and a canvas that says “Given Enough Coffee I Could Rule the World”, and frog espresso cup, that could totally work for tea as well, Crystal. And while I’m not a huge fan of frogs, or anything else scaly or slimy, at NACURH I learned that our region PACURH was represented by frogs. So I’m slowly coming around to them. Btw’s I love them all and thanks a bunch Bestie! SO we sat around her house and did nothing and her sister made us food that was delish and we watched Tarzan because we couldn’t pick a movie. And we girl talked. And it was weird but fun. And I was super happy to be in a new place with one of my closest friends!


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P.P.S. Crystal has a blog too and it’s here.