100 Happy Days: Day 25

by Laekin

July 12th: Seattle and Sammamish {A/N: I fell behind due to guests, homework, and travels. I should be caught up soon!}


{Photo Credit: Aaron Amort (#AaronAmort)}

I woke up in Port Orchard! Whew, it was early too. Crystal (Far right up above) and I (Middle up above, being weird as usual) drove for an hour and a half to pick up Tanielle (Far left up above) as well as Aaron (Guy who snapped this wonderful picture, you can see his man satchel AKA purse. It’s the black blur at the bottom of the picture). I also got pulled over while Crystal and I were driving to Seattle. It was crazy. I got let off with a warning though, Thank God for it being the first time I ever drove that strip of highway/freeway/whatever. After we picked up Aaron, we went to downtown Seattle and Aaron took us to the oldest Starbucks which was hella busy. We stood in line for over half an hour. UGH. But there was this guy playing Beatles songs, and he wasn’t that good, but it was better than nothing. After we all got our coffee we stood outside and listened to this band, and they were pretty good. By pretty good I mean Aaron was disappointed with the lady’s washtub bass playing and I was having an eargasm because the guy playing banjo had a voice that–well-made people have eargasms.

From there we went to a park right next to Pike Place, and stood there for a bit until we were all done with our caffeine intake (except Aaron who ordered hot chocolate because he can’t handle drugs). That was when we decided to brave the crowd and walk through the infamous Pike Place Market. This was also where Aaron showed me this really nerdy/geeky store that had a bunch of cool stuff. Like Supernatural, Doctor Who, and Star Wars, cardboard cutouts. As well a bunch of comic books (including Buffy the Vampire Slayer). It had A Game of Thrones figurines and a bunch of really funny magnets, including some from The Princess Bride, MPC has an obsession–well Aaron has an obsession. So I geeked out (I almost cried out of happiness) until we needed to leave to drive to Sammamish.

In Sammamish, we arrived at Brandie’s house where Jeff and Alex were already waiting. This was when we started watching Sherlock season 3 (Tanielle and Aaron hadn’t seen that season). Afterwards we started playing Cards Against Humanity because it’s one of the best games to play with people ever. We took a break and got food. Luckily, Brandie’s neighborhood was having a block party that day so we all got free food and ate until we were stuffed. We finished playing Cards Against Humanity: Alex pwned. It was kind of sad how pathetically we all lost. Afterwards we kind of all sat around until we said good-bye and I dropped Jeff and Aaron off and went home with Tanielle.

This was where I made my nest in the closet. I had been told the floor was pretty hard so I brought all my blankets and pillows and made an actual nest. It was really comfy. Oh and Kenny, my guy best friend of years was there because him and Tanielle were married and it was weird sleeping in their closet but it was better then being homeless for a night. Yeah. We were super tired and I went right to bed surprisingly and slept super well. All in all it was a fabulous day other than having to say good-bye to Alex, Brandie, Crystal, and Jeff. Also Aaron took that picture when we didn’t really know what to do but hang around and be weird. It’s one of the few that I’m actually smiling in.


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P.P.P.S. I want to go back to that store in Pike’s Place Market and buy something cool. Who wants to come with?