100 Happy Days: Day 26

by Laekin

July 13th: Seattle to Wenatchee {A/N: I fell behind due to guests, homework, and travels. I should be caught up soon!}


{Photo Credit: Josh Davis (P.S. It’s an old one from Ellensburg)}

I woke up in a closet–Kenny and Tanielle’s closet to be exact. I also kind of woke up with a start because even though I was well-rested, I had had a nightmare. It was weird and doesn’t need to be described here. Anyway, Tanielle made coffee and we ate pie for breakfast (pie I had brought). It was really good. And while they got ready for church, I cleaned up my nest in the closet. I also took a shower because the entire trip had been grossly hot and I don’t like being not clean. Kenny helped me carry my stuff to my car, Tanielle told me where the nearest Starbucks was, and I said good-bye to two of my closest friends. I drove to a Starbucks and ordered tea, because even I can’t handle too much caffeine in that short span of time, and started working on my homework. Aaron dropped by to pick up his birthday gift which had been sitting in my room for about a month. This is where I accidentally stabbed myself with my car keys while he was reading the card. It was funny until I realized I had actually broken skin. For some reason I didn’t realize that I would be klutzy and bleed, so I didn’t have any Band-Aids. After saying good-bye to Aaron, I put hand sanitizer on my fresh wound and OUCH. But at least it was clean. I also had to sanitize my hands because there was quite a lot of blood on them. I tried to lick my fingers and rub it on my wound to stop the bleeding, but my fingers tasted like blood–that’s how much blood was on them.

This where I drove from a Starbucks on Aurora to another Starbucks on Westlake. I struggled to find parking and this really nice guy mentioned how parking on the street in Seattle is free on Sundays (which I didn’t know at all). So I parked on a street and walked to the Starbucks. I had to wait a bit but I didn’t mind. Then I saw Josh! But I was to lazy to get up and walk towards him or even hug him until he was closer because heat is gross. We chilled for about 3 and a half hours. He showed me a couple of malls which were gorgeous. First we got coffee, and yes this time I got a coffee because there had been a long enough time lapse since my last caffeine intake. And we walked to Whole foods to buy food. Did you know they have like fresh food there that you can buy and eat there? Because I didn’t know that. It was really cool. Josh and I talked for a really long time and it was good! And I’m glad I found a really good friend like him!

Afterwards I had to find my car, I did relatively well and only had to use my GPS for the last little bit! Then I drove to Wenatchee (which is currently on fire) on Steven’s pass. It was my first time ever taking that pass. And it was not nearly as scary as my family members had made me believe. It was super pretty. And then I did more homework and fell asleep. It was a really nice day and stuff. And I love my friends, even if they support my caffeine addiction or accidentally make me stab myself with my keys.


P.S. Learn more about 100 Happy Days on their website.

P.P.S. Here’s a shout out to Crystal and Kenny and Tanielle for hosting while I was on the west side! Thanks guys! You da best!!

P.P.P.S. Sorry that I had to use an older picture, but this day was mostly Josh and driving and I forgot to take a picture.