100 Happy Days: Day 27

by Laekin

July 14th: East Wenatchee {A/N: I fell behind due to guests, homework, and travels. I should be caught up soon!}


I woke up in my own bed back at home! I was super exhausted from driving so much in so little time frame. But I showered and went to visit my aunt’s store, where she had a huge pile of clothes for me. My aunt is a shopaholic, which means I suffer from getting lots of clothes and shoes that I don’t pay for. Yay! And I got to cuddle with my cats (pictured abave) all day. I also had an eye appointment, which sucked because I found out I have an eye infection. But on the bright side I have eye drops to treat my infected eye. So I will be better by next week! Hopefully. Anyway my cats always bring me happiness. Also we found out my car was broken, but my stepdad fixed it before I even asked how much it would cost. So double happy.


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