100 Happy Days: Day 32

by Laekin


Today, July 19th, I found out that my best friends trade custody of me. Now Crystal parents me all the time which is why I ignore her over half the time. But apparently she’s coerced Aaron into parenting me behind my back. Which I guess it’s really cool having friends care about your health and all. But really? They actually call it trading custody!  I can’t tell whether I’m happy or frustrated about this, so we’ll go with happy. Also Aaron’s somewhere until Monday. And I’m a wee bit frustrated because that leaves me alone with Crystal and bad things happen sometimes. I also don’t have human contact besides work and facebook. And one of my major human facebook contacts is gone all weekend. And Crystal, the other one, is busy during daylight. So I’ll be going slightly insane until I find myself with more human contact. Which is a happy thing because it gives me more material for writing! (I promise I won’t turn into Christina from Hemlock Grove.) Also I’ve been watching Merlin and eating Chinese food. So I’m pretty content being a hermit. Although I’ll have to go back to homework after this post. Oh and I found some awesome Adventure Time stickers and Minion stickers on facebook in the sticker store for free. You can send them like emoticons–but they’re so much better. So happy but boring day!


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P.P.S. I found this awesome video. But definitely don’t watch it if you’re at work, around your parents, or don’t find sarcasm/parodies humorous.