100 Happy Days: Day 33

by Laekin

I know I overload you guys with pictures and videos, but I think it’s fun. Last night I didn’t get much sleep because I was doing homework and procrastinating. So today I bought energy in liquid form (pictured below). I still have yet to break open the Full Throttle. I’m saving that baby for tomorrow morning!


And then I was dressed up all fancy to go and hangout with some close friends. But that didn’t pan out. So I changed into comfortable clothes and continued working on my annoying homework. Which resulted in the picture below. Because who likes normal clothes when you can wear over-sized t-shirts and booty shorts with your school’s logo on the butt. Did I mention that I have had a Mountain Dew, No Fear (NASTY), and an Amp?


Also, you know what I noticed today? I have long  hair. And I look happy. The first photo was taken 5 years ago. The second one was taken today. I look happier than I did–and it’s so true. Sure, I have less friends then I did, but I know what we have is true friendship. And sometimes we don’t talk much because of distance and lack of face-to-face interaction. But I love them to death. And even though I still doubt myself daily, I am slowly learning to trust them unlike my past self.



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P.P.S. These are the topics you guys like. The topics you guys really like. Aaron and Crystal don’t have any other friends–well very many other friends so How? Don’t get me started on the Netflix Whore tag.