100 Happy Days: Day 34

by Laekin

1. Aaron’s back! Of course not before I already figured out everything I needed help with! 2. I’m getting a mac soon! My friend from MPC, Eric Durkopp, came over and explained a bunch of techy stuff. 3. I am writing a pretty decent script. Another reason Eric came over is because I needed help figuring out a decent film idea that I wanted to write. Since he’s a film major who has taken that class, I figured he would be a really good person to ask. 4. I had actual human interaction today. 

So Aaron’s back. Which is really cool because I needed help. It’s a shame that Eric beat him to helping me. He did act as my textbook while I was actually writing my script. I even got a full on confession that he has indeed been parenting me behind my back. He’s actually really good at it because I never even noticed that he was doing it. I guess I should thank him for keeping me alive behind my back. Hmm.




After work, I found my coworker eating lunch. So we talked for a bit then we went to the financial aid. It was actual human interaction. It was super intense after a whole weekend of bed and homework.

Then Eric came over! So much interaction. He helped explain what all those terms meant and which laptop would get me the most benefits for the cheapest price. I have been wanting a mac for about 5 years now. So I’m super excited for this and super grateful that Eric could help me!

Not only did I need help choosing a mac, but I also needed help figuring out an idea for the script I had to write for my screenwriting class. I had been stuck on a romantic genre all week and it was really bugging me. Because I was stuck. And I didn’t want to write that. Eric, being a film major and having taken this class before, helped me flesh out what I could write. We figured out that psychological horror was definitely something I’m drawn to. And we were talking and I asked a question: What if a ginger was killing other gingers because he was trying to prove that he has a soul? And then BAM! I started writing as soon as he left.

Just kidding. I am not that motivated. I watch Penelope while thinking how to cause the psychological  damage to my main character that he would need to drive him to murder. And Penelope was fantastic. I’m gonna be honest, when you see a movie on Netflix talking about a girl born with a pig’s snout, you don’t expect much. But the actors/acting was perfect. They even made it seem like a less cheesy movie. I think it’s one of my top favorites!

I got a lot of human interaction today and it felt nice after being secluded.


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P.P.S. Crystal, I never believed he actually parented me until he confessed. I’m sorry. But I definitely believe you now.

P.P.P.S. Hey! Crystal has a blog here. I make a lot of appearances on it.