100 Happy Days: Day 36

by Laekin


Today was a very dysfunctional and frustrating day. Really. On the bright side, I learned how to file. On the down side, today was a down day. I had several arguments with some of my closest friends. And my headaches are back daily. So yay! On the bright bright side, I spent some lovely time with my coworker. We ate food, ate food again, went to Fred Meyer, then ate food again! It was super odd. But it was nice to get to spend more time with my coworker/friend. And then things slowly got better. But I still never left bed because gross. But I feel so much better. And tomorrow’s gonna be a better day and today wasn’t so bad.

So I’m happy.


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P.P.S. The picture above is my coworker’s lovely sunglasses collection.