100 Happy Days: Day 37

by Laekin

Today was hard–really hard. I never left my room after work. I barely left my bed. I felt positively awful. (Insert a picture of my flipping off the world here because that’s my mood right now.) But my friends made me feel better. I’m scared of things, like being honest, because usually people don’t hear me when I am. But today both of my closest friends proved that they were trying really hard to understand.

It makes me happy. Because I haven’t felt this good about the people I surround myself with since ever. It’s still frustrating sometimes because people are all so different from one another that no one can possibly understand everything. But I think that both Aaron and Crystal are really awesome people who probably deserve a better friend than me. I guess they just like me too much.

Both of them are some of the best friends I could ask for. I mean, Crystal takes care of me when I’m dehydrated or sad. She even plays with my hair sometimes. Aaron sends me these links to YouTube where it references a movie he quotes from regularly. It’s a little annoying clicking on links all the time, but it never fails to make me laugh. Crystal is great for talking about guys because she won’t ever tell you have bad taste. Aaron’s great for talking about feelings because he’s not a cyborg and he tries to understand things he didn’t understand originally.

Basically, these two help me through my rough days. And I love them both to pieces for being so patient with me and taking care of me. Even though I frown on parenting me behind my back. Or even to my face. I’m the rebellious sort. But right, I just mentioned that these two make me feel warm and fuzzy and stuff. And that their faces are unique. And that I’d like to keep both of them around for awhile.

I mean, Crystal makes perfectly timed Doctor Who comebacks.


And Aaron knows things. Like how to take pictures.


P.S. Check out the 100 Happy Days website!

P.P.S. Aaron, Crystal GUESS WHAT!? I put the hot in psychotic!

P.P.P.S. This is how Aaron laughs you guys, no joke.

P.P.P.P.S. Hey, Aaron! I beat out your tag on Crystal’s blog for once! Muahahaha.20140724-225457-82497841.jpg