100 Happy Days: Day 38

by Laekin

Today I drove back home for another eye appointment. I ended up hanging out with Nevin! I haven’t seen Nevin since we went to Life In Color together in Spokane.


{Life In Color: Spokane 2013 Photo Credit: Random raver!}

Nevin’s the power ranger, my face is right beside his. So it’s practically been a year since I have seen the kid. He had been living in Spokane and I had been living in Ellensburg. But he moved to Wenatchee and I visit sometimes since my cats and family is here.

So we hung out. And his boyfriend took me and him to the casino in Chelan. I just turned 20 and I have never been in a casino before. So it was pretty cool. I also got a matchbook as proof. Anyway, Nevin gave me two dollars and it took me  three hours to work through it. I only played slots; I didn’t trust the card games. Apparently I have some pretty good luck. The first machine I tried, I won $20. Nevin immediately cashed it out and we split the $20. After that I play another game where I won $32. And then I played another game and won $14. I gave Nevin the $14 stub.

Anyway, I told them I’d go home after I ran out or after a really big win. Once I only had 92 cents left, but then I won $16. Then I finally ran out of money and we left. I was really the only one who actually won big–on slots anyway. Then we raved in the car ride back. And I went to bed. Which is why this post is a little late. (Sorry about that.)


{Nevin and I at the casino. Photo Credit: Nevin Walsh.}


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P.P.S. Here’s a picture of my cat rolling around in the dirt and playing with a stick like a dog just for the hell of it: