100 Happy Days: Day 47

by Laekin


{Photo credit: Aaron Amort}

Today was a request day. I asked Aaron what I should use and he handed me this screenshot. Now the best part about this picture is that I could be happy about one thing but you wouldn’t which thing was my happy thing. So I’m gonna use it. Also as a side note this is from Aaron’s point of view. So the blue is actually Aaron Amort. And the white with the very attractive profile picture is me, Laekin!

Happy moment 1: I found a problem with my script for my feature film. My character was far too hot-headed angry when i just needed him to quietly seethe for awhile. Well my professor noticed and she helped me fix it. Yay!

Happy moment 2: I found an ’80s version of Aaron Amort. Well if you add the hair, a perm, glasses, and a fuzzy caterpillar on his face. The best part, is I have seen Aaron make that face. So I’m just swimming in happiness right meow.

Now take a guess! Which one is it!

Well Aaron probably thought it was happy moment 1. But it’s really both of them. Because my script is even better than before, and once I turn it in, I am done with that class. But then of course finding an ’80s Aaron is perfect.

This means Aaron probably is a time lord. Which is even better. And I definitely call dibs on being his first companion. Because I’d be a terrific Amy Pond. And I demand a key to the TARDIS. Because I’m awesome and all official companions get keys. Plus, Aaron, if you deny my companion application, then I refuse to talk to you and tell you you’re pretty ever again. (Firefly reference OH WAIT you wouldn’t get that.) I expect my congratulatory letter in two weeks along with my TARDIS key.


P.S. Learn more about 100 Happy Days!

P.P.S. Amort, for some reason you always think I’m kidding. But I’m not.

P.P.P.S. Amort, I also promise you don’t have to pay me–as long as you let me fly the TARDIS.