100 Happy Days: Day 48

by Laekin






Today was a very happy day. It all started with this time travel argument this morning. Which I totally won. Because I wouldn’t mind being poor as long as I get to travel in time. And then it got kind of bittersweet. Because then I realized that even though I would get to travel in the TARDIS with Aaron. Aaron isn’t actually a time lord. And then I chose not to believe it. Aaron is totally a Time Lord and I definitely get to travel in time with him.

Also as a tangent, I was never the type of person to have parent friends–or even family friends. I have several friends who do that. They call their friends “mom” “dad” “uncle” “aunt” and so on. I have never been that person. But Crystal kind of pushed the “Aaron and I parent you” deal on me. I never thought it would come in handy until I realized Aaron was a Time Lord. Which totally makes me awesome. But no–I will never call you guys “mom” or “dad” because that’s just weird and not me. But yes, if I get to be a Time Lord too, I suppose it’s okay.

Oh and I just finished all three of my 6 week courses. So that’s awesome. For my last final I had to write a 20 page script. And it was a psychological thriller with murder. I found this awesome site on how to dissolve bodies with acid. So yep. I’m learning cool ways on how to dissolve bodies to virtually nothing but fillings. My absolute favorite part was this:

Screenshot (46)


P.S. Learn more about 100 Happy Days here!

P.P.S. I would totally link the acid website here, but I really don’t want to enable any real psychopaths here.

P.P.P.S. Crystal’s blog is here, but she’s not a Time Lord.