100 Happy Days: Day 52

by Laekin







True friendship is when after you say goodnight (practically), you get into a picture argument over Facebook. I think I won. Mostly because Rory’s been killed off the show multiple times. But he always comes back. Also probably because it was around Aaron’s bedtime.

I also got paid today. So I got to pay some bills and order some stuff online. All very fun. I even stood up for myself today–which was pretty awesome.

I watched a lot of anime. And I had the best sleep in over 2 months ever during a nap. Like it was a really good nap, but I woke up all sweaty because I was having a nightmare and my roommate turned up the thermostat again. I also ordered pizza and pasta. It was super delicious.

Now I’m going to sleep because I’m 3 1/2 hours past my bedtime.


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