100 Happy Days: Day 55

by Laekin


Today started pretty horribly. I started to leave this morning but took a moment to retrieve so Ibuprofen because I was in pain. During that five second interval, my roommate decided to literally run out the door so that I would have to turn off all the lights and lock the door. Hurrah.

Then I accidentally found out that my adviser lied to me. You actually can’t apply for graduation the quarter you want to graduate. So I started freaking out. Because if I can’t get my degree then I can neither start my career nor apply to graduate school. So while I was hyperventilating I decided to email the degree evaluator. And she sent me an application for graduation and a petition for late application.

So my day got significantly better. My happy thought is that I actually might graduate when expected, I have two grad schools to apply for and a plan for when I move out after graduation.


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