100 Happy Days: Day 58

by Laekin


Today I went to redbox and rented my first ever movies from there: Divergent and Wolf of Wall Street.

Now Wolf of Wall Street, I wanted to watch because of Leo. And I wanted to see why Jonah won the oscar. And dear lord he deserved it. I specifically loved the drug scenes. They were hilarious. And I didn’t know someone’s body could do physically do that.

Divergent on the other hand, I knew nothing about. Literally nothing. I saw gifs on tumblr from scenes. And I thought: “I want to watch that movie”. Then I found out Kate Winslet was in it. And the guy who plays Augustus Waters in The Fault in Our Stars plays Caleb, Tris’s brother in Divergent. And I’m honestly a little weirded out that these actors play siblings in one movie and a couple in another.

But I’m in love with Divergent and I really want to read the series now. I’m also going to buy it at some point.


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