100 Happy Days: Day 61

by Laekin


This is the reason that my post is late and that I was happy yesterday. Around 7 in the evening I got bored and didn’t know what to do. So I picked up this book and read it. I finished it 5 hours later as I was also facebook messaging my friends. Anyway I went to bed on time even though I started reading really late. I was proud of myself.

Anyway, the reason why this book makes me happy is because the movie sticks close to it. They are almost identical except for the cuts they made that were obviously in order to keep the movie 139 minutes long. The book was spectacular. There was a lot more character development than in the movie — which is to be expected as well. I was extremely surprised at how many pieces of dialogue in the book were also in the script. Which is pretty rare unless you’re watching that one Hamlet by Kenneth Branagh.

Anyway this is what really made me happy. I missed reading books for fun.


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