100 Happy Days: Day 62

by Laekin


Today I turned in my second to last assignment for my last summer course–not including extra credit. While the last assignment is a large one, I feel sure that I will finish out strongly and have several weeks of a summer break. I am super excited. I want to read more books.

Also I think I have a problem. I am watching Divergent for the 4th time in 1 week. I also dreamed about it last night. Which might be due to the fact that I read the book. All I know is that I need to get my hands on the other three books as soon as possible.

Also Doctor Who starts up again in a few days. I’m anxious to see what this Doctor is like.

I might get pizza tomorrow. Dominoes has a deal for online orders from Mon- Wed.

Ugh. I have to get up early. But after Friday I don’t have any course work until late September. 🙂


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P.P.S. When I first watched Divergent, I thought it was super long. After reading the book, it seems to go by really quick.