100 Happy Days: Day 64

by Laekin


Today I received a visit from Santa Claus! Actually it was my coworker. He’s moving back home for a month or so until school starts back up. He had some fancy Winegars ice cream and a bunch of energy drinks. By a bunch I mean my shelf in the fridge is full. It was super sweet and awesome of him. I’m addicted to caffeine so I’m set for a couple weeks.

Today I also learned how well I picked my friends recently. You know how you sometimes can’t tell if you stopped texting first if you guys would ever talk? Well sometimes I get that a lot with this one friend. And I was being really indecisive and overthinking something. But I went ahead and took action anyway. (Don’t worry, it was what needed to be done.) And out of nowhere the same friend messaged me. And well it was super sweet. Let me tell you.

So basically I had two guys fawning over me being really sweet. JUST KIDDING. But I did realize that I picked some really genuine and sweet guys as my friends recently, even if one’s my coworker, and I’m not quite sure when/if I’ll ever see the other.


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P.P.S. OH! I also finished all of my classes.

P.P.P.S. After crying because excel is pretty dumb when you need to make a chart.