100 Happy Days: Day 65

by Laekin

Screenshot (49)

Filler post! Yay! Well My really happy thought is that I didn’t do anything at all today because I am all done with summer courses. SO I honestly had nothing to do after work. Yay for relaxation!

Also here’s a screenshot of someone getting owned. My whole thing about being friend zoned is hilarious. Every person, male or female (or whatever gender they like) always have the choice  to say no to sex, to dates, to anything. For anyone to demand someone to be attracted to them is ridiculous. But it’s even more ridiculous to complain about it afterwards. Like the first one is bad enough right? But then after they’ve been so brutally rejected because God forbid someone doesn’t find them attractive, they like to relive  that rejection by complaining to everyone about being friend-zoned. I’m actually a really big feminist at heart. And when I say feminist, I mean I support equality for all humans. No matter what gender, what sex, what skin tone, or what sexual preference they are/have.

Happy thoughts to you all!


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