100 Happy Days: Day 66

by Laekin

Sunday, August 24th {A/N: I accidentally fell behind again. This is me catching up from the weekend.}


Basically the internet went out. So I couldn’t watch Netflix. Or do anything without using a bunch of data on my phone. So I watched movies like My Big Fat Greek Wedding and O Brother Where Art Thou and Finding Neverland. I also painted my nails for the first time in practically a year. And I found this photo on Facebook and I have a lot of catholic friends. And a lot of friends performing the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge. And I found this super hilarious. So I tagged a friend or two who have grown up Catholic. So yep. So my happy thing was getting internet back late at night so I could do stuff like blog.


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P.P.S. I am an avid blogger. Don’t judge me for my internet addiction.