100 Happy Days: Day 67

by Laekin

Monday, August 25th {A/N: Almost caught up. This was yesterday. I thought I was more behind than that. Whoops.}

Today I had a grand adventure and became an adult twice and pulled a mom move (well my mother’s move anyway). I get to go into work an hour early to rack up more hours. Which is awesome. And I like my job.

Then they reset some of the locks so our keycards didn’t work. So I went to get a new card (mine was really worn down, the red strip was silver due to extensive use) from the office in the Student Union and Recreation Center (SURC). Then since my card is also a bank card I had to go to the bank. Then from there I had one last stop (or so I thought) at the lock shop to get access to my work buildings.

After I had all of that done, I went to the Wildcat shop and bought my new laptop (on which I am now typing) all by myself. This was the first adult thing I did. And I went back to my room to set it up. But upon driving at my building I found I couldn’t get in. I checked my work buildings too and I could only get into one room where we keep mail.

So I lugged the new laptop with me and walked all the way back across campus to the lock shop. This is where I found out my card was misprogrammed and I had to walk back to mid-campus to get it reprogrammed. Well as it turns out they had to reissue it again. And I had to go the bank again. And then I stopped by the girl checked to make sure all the programming was correct. And then I went to the lock shop again. And then it worked. And it was a long, hard, hot adventure.

Then I started to set up my new laptop but the updates were taking forever, so I went grocery shopping while it was updating. This was the second adult thing I did today. I set myself a $100 limit and I only spent $77. So yay *internally cries*

I spent $10 on this:


It says “Party Bag” but I really didn’t care. I was a party of one who really wanted to eat chocolate when she watched Supernatural and Parks and Recreation. Which is what I did all night while waiting for my new computer to finish updating. But I did stop by McDonalds after grocery shopping which is basically pulling mom. we would always get fast food after we/she went grocery shopping.

Basically I became an adult twice today and I went on long journey that I didn’t sign up for. I must be Bilbo Baggins.


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P.P.S. I also found out that the really attractive bank teller does in fact still work there, he just works later than I am used to.