100 Happy Days: Day 71

by Laekin


Today was a rough day. I got to be the RA to the RAs and checked over half of them in. But then there were issues with the system. And they couldn’t get in their buildings so there were lots of calls and people and stress today. Then I helped my friend Jonece move in to her room. (She’s in the first picture.) And we made three trips to her storage unit and got a hella work out. The second picture is from the second trip. That is a picture of the back window. Which you can’t see. Because we were efficient with our trips.

But today was also really nice because I got to hangout with my friends and it was super awesome. I got to check in several of my friends and see many others. I also hung out with my friend Brianna and her boyfriend Regan. We had a really awesome time talking about EDM and concerts and haunted houses.

Apparently there’s this old hospital or something and it’s set up as this haunted house. And if you make it to the top floor you don’t have to pay. Brianna and I want to do this. And we will succeed. We have a secret plan.


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P.P.S. I would really like to sleep now. So exhausted.

P.P.P.S. I saw the really attractive banker at Safeway. Muahahahaha.