A few years ago, I created a tumblr account, today I created a blog. This is for the small victories in life and the small failures.

Month: September, 2014

100 Happy Days: Day 92

IMG_4926  IMG_4932IMG_4928

Today, I officially started my job as a Wildcat Welcome Weekend Leader. Which meant a lot of dancing and high fives. And that energy drink I had got me through most of the night. I almost fell asleep during the Keynote speaker, but I didn’t (she was really cool). And I took some selfies with RHA and coworkers and a few MPC peeps. And It was cool. I was actually super pumped until the sugar crash. I love the job already.


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P.P.S. The really attractive guy in the first picture is Burg Foot. I think we had something special….


100 Happy Days: Day 91


Today the Wildcat Welcome Weekend Leaders started training. And I happened upon a wild Brennan. Who apparently is also a leader. So of course we took a training selfie. Because we’re awesome people who deserve to be looked at. I think they dictionary definition is “narcissists”. But yep. Training started. And it was long. But worth it. And I get to sleep in because I don’t have to be at work until 2:00pm. So yay.


P.S. What did the vegetable say at the party?

P.P.S. Let’s Turnip!!!!

P.P.P.S. I actually don’t remember the exact joke Ciera told Brennan and I. So I quite possibly butchered it.

P.P.P.P.S. I think I got the gist down though.

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100 Happy Days: Day 90

IMG_4920 IMG_4921

Today was hard. It was both really good and really bad. But I’m focusing only on the good. I redyed my hair…again. Hopefully all of the brown is gone this time around. I started moving my roommate in. I flirt like a geek–specifically one who quotes movies a lot (Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy if you’re Movie Illiterate). Which is probably why I’m single. Because otherwise who could pass up this awesome personality. (Ha. Ha. Ha.) Also I have the world’s bestest friend ever. Because I doubt people have a friend who accidentally quotes Game of Thrones in response to a conversation from the day before. I also doubt that people have a friend that randomly sends them audio clips of them being musically talented of which may or may not include playing a guitar with a violin bow. (What even. Are you even human? The answer is no. No, you’re not human. You’re a cyborg. But most likely a Cyberman.) And above all else, I doubt that people have a friend who sends audio clips of his cats purring to cheer someone up.

You could say I liked certain aspects today. Unfortunately the pile of bad things balances out the pile of good things. I am going to go listen to cats purring again.


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100 Happy Days: Day 89


Today was pretty decent. I wore a really cool outfit. Found out some of our University stationery has a spelling on it. I was happy with my hair. Sadly it was super hot out. So basically I spent the evening in my underwear watching Supernatural because there was literally no way to cool down. But hey, pants are super constricting so who needs ’em anyway. I was also bored so I balanced a gatorade bottle on my knee. This is the life of a college student before classes start. Sigh.


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100 Happy Days: Day 88


Today was a hard day. It took awhile and a lot for me to get up this morning. And then when I had to walk across campus for work, my ankle decided to keep me from walking. So I have pretty much been off my feet all day once I got off work. And I have been watching Supernatural all day because Netflix. And then of course Aaron decided to go all German Teenager on me. Which blew my mind in and of itself. But then the N8 thing also blew my mind. And yep.


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P.P.S. My TimeLord Father is also a German Teenager. This is awkward.

100 Happy Days: Day 87


After all my hair dying problems yesterday, I enlisted help with the dying process. Kendra came over and we bought another thing of dye to be safe. And then we talked for approximately 2 hours. Mostly about family and boys and school–girl stuff. Then we actually got to dying my hair. Which was fun because both of us are daughters of hairdressers, and yet she has never dyed anyone’s hair before. We also watched Supernatural during the process. Because Netflix is the bae. And Dean is the bae. And now my hair is all mostly red. And I have an extra box of dye for retouching purposes.

I had fun and all. But my cousin is doing my hair next time.


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P.P.S. All the shit has been dealt with!

100 Happy Days: Day 86

Saturday, September 13th.


So I dyed my hair a really pretty red today and dealt with shit. I’m still waiting for the person on the other end to deal with their shit. But any who. The pretty red is not the color of all my hair. My hair is a darker brown than it was, but I still need to try again tomorrow with help to get all the spots. Yay!

This is why only my cousin can do my hair. Sigh.

Anywho, it was just another day. But it was peaceful and quiet until the dye fiasco. So that’s my happy thought.


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100 Happy Days: Day 85

Friday, September 12th.


Today I worked a couple of extra hours and then I got to go home and have the rest of the day off. Then Kristen came over and we ate pizza and watched Sherlock and stuff. And she spent the night, it was really fun!



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100 Happy Days: Day 84

Thursday, September 11th. 


Today I wore my new CWU shirt from the bookstore. I felt pretty awesome and badass minus the extra self-consciousness. I also broke out my black boots and long pants because it was chilly out for once. And I raved to Steve Aoki while setting up the Event Center. It was awesome.

I’m going to go eat my feelings and netflix. And cry about life and boys but mostly life. And things. It’s been a hard week. Laters.


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P.P.S. Just because I post happy things doesn’t mean I’m always happy. This week has been a bitch.

100 Happy Days: Day 83

Wednesday, September 10th. 


Today I woke up super early to open the Wellington Event Center. Then I got breakfast and coffee at Starbucks. And the Salted Caramel Mocha is back and it’s super delicious and I love it. I also got staff photos taken. And of course they made us take them right by the construction for some reason. But there was this huge crane and we made Toy Story jokes about The Claw. And #Selfie jokes. I also yelled that someone should crowd surf and that became a thing.

But literally my favorite thing was my friend/coworker. (I mean we’re the same department but we’re in different buildings.) See, Jessie and I are NOT morning people. But we get up somewhat early for work and tough it out. But the photo thing was hard. See, neither Jessie nor I are people people. We pretend to be. But we aren’t. So we put on our attitude, sarcasm, sass, and smiles. And we were beautiful. And now I’m singing Sweeney Todd. And we dealt with the overeager RAs and CPs that suffocated us. We even made a miscellaneous group. We also hid with tall men at the back of the photo!

Also I bought things from the Wildcat Shop since it’s my last chance what with it being my last quarter and all. One of my favorites is this blanket (Pictured above and now I’m singing Matchmaker). It’s like a sweatshirt, but in blanket form. And it’s awesome.


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P.P.S. I’ll update this with the picture when it finally gets posted or whatever.