100 Happy Days: Day 81

by Laekin

Monday, September 8th.

Screen Shot 2014-09-11 at 5.22.24 PMIMG_4888

Today I was a genius. Twice. The first time was when I went to the IT help desk to try to fix my computer. But it turns out I already had everything set up (accidentally) and the email just wasn’t working. They were shocked. As was I.

Then I had to set up the Wellington Event Center and I forgot that the wall was up. (We have a wall that can be put away. But you need to people to take it down or set it up on each side.) And everyone was super busy. So I looked around and I happened to find tape in the kitchen. And I taped the key on. And it worked! Muahahahaha.

Also I found out on the CWU English Department’s page that it mentions both Doctor Who and Sherlock. Mostly because Steven Moffat is a famous English Major. But still.


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