100 Happy Days: Day 83

by Laekin

Wednesday, September 10th. 


Today I woke up super early to open the Wellington Event Center. Then I got breakfast and coffee at Starbucks. And the Salted Caramel Mocha is back and it’s super delicious and I love it. I also got staff photos taken. And of course they made us take them right by the construction for some reason. But there was this huge crane and we made Toy Story jokes about The Claw. And #Selfie jokes. I also yelled that someone should crowd surf and that became a thing.

But literally my favorite thing was my friend/coworker. (I mean we’re the same department but we’re in different buildings.) See, Jessie and I are NOT morning people. But we get up somewhat early for work and tough it out. But the photo thing was hard. See, neither Jessie nor I are people people. We pretend to be. But we aren’t. So we put on our attitude, sarcasm, sass, and smiles. And we were beautiful. And now I’m singing Sweeney Todd. And we dealt with the overeager RAs and CPs that suffocated us. We even made a miscellaneous group. We also hid with tall men at the back of the photo!

Also I bought things from the Wildcat Shop since it’s my last chance what with it being my last quarter and all. One of my favorites is this blanket (Pictured above and now I’m singing Matchmaker). It’s like a sweatshirt, but in blanket form. And it’s awesome.


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P.P.S. I’ll update this with the picture when it finally gets posted or whatever.