100 Happy Days: Day 90

by Laekin

IMG_4920 IMG_4921

Today was hard. It was both really good and really bad. But I’m focusing only on the good. I redyed my hair…again. Hopefully all of the brown is gone this time around. I started moving my roommate in. I flirt like a geek–specifically one who quotes movies a lot (Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy if you’re Movie Illiterate). Which is probably why I’m single. Because otherwise who could pass up this awesome personality. (Ha. Ha. Ha.) Also I have the world’s bestest friend ever. Because I doubt people have a friend who accidentally quotes Game of Thrones in response to a conversation from the day before. I also doubt that people have a friend that randomly sends them audio clips of them being musically talented of which may or may not include playing a guitar with a violin bow. (What even. Are you even human? The answer is no. No, you’re not human. You’re a cyborg. But most likely a Cyberman.) And above all else, I doubt that people have a friend who sends audio clips of his cats purring to cheer someone up.

You could say I liked certain aspects today. Unfortunately the pile of bad things balances out the pile of good things. I am going to go listen to cats purring again.


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