A few years ago, I created a tumblr account, today I created a blog. This is for the small victories in life and the small failures.

Month: October, 2014

I’m famous…probably

Screen Shot 2014-10-25 at 11.45.05 PM

So I’m kind of in the school newspaper. And they quoted me a lot. And I’m kind of famous. The most famous people are always on page 11–in my opinion. So I feel really cool.

Also, I have been super busy. So posts aren’t going to be always and forever, more like thin and scattered. Like I just got distracted for an hour and a half right now by looking for a roommate/room in Seattle. I got some good leads. And earlier, I applied to somewhere around 15 different places. So I’m like graduating. And moving. And growing up. And being independent. AND I’LL FINALLY GET MY CAT{S} BACK.

So yeah, I’ve been applying places, working, studying, sleeping, eating, and socializing. But the last one is basically clubs otherwise I’m too busy.

But I’m kind of famous. And awesome. And tired. And I stayed up way too late–again.


P.S. I don’t have a post script :O


P.P.P.S. If you know anyone who needs a roommate in the Seattle area, let me know!


It got away from me

I’m currently waiting for the latest episode of American Horror Story to load and I thought “Hmm. What a prime time to write a blog post!”. Also the numbers on facebook are lower than yesterday’s.

Anywho, I had two ideas for this blog post. And I can currently only remember one. So here goes…

Last Wednesday I had a migraine induced in class. And it hasn’t gone away. And I feel positively awful (oh the pun). But since then, I’ve been interviewed by Film and Video Studies students and the school newspaper. So coolio.

I have even gotten better at Super Smash Bros too. It helps with the migraines. And I think that I’m better at the 3DS version then the Wii or gamecube version.

Anywho I posted my first draft of my really awesome (not literal) response poem here, but I thought you guys would like the final draft because it is much better.

Here is the picture that I was responding to:


And here is the poem:

Screen Shot 2014-10-17 at 11.33.01 PM


P.S. This is my poem. Steal it and you will die.

P.P.S. Do not ignore a pissed off woman with recurring migraines.

P.P.P.S. It’s an image because wordpress doesn’t like to format the way I have it.

The Dog Ate My Homework

So it took me 3 weeks to finish up my 100 Happy Days posts. And there was an actual reason for it. I was in the middle of two jobs and I was super sleep deprived. And then of course school started the day after I went back to just one job. And then that weekend was the film slam. And then classes. And I was struggling in one of my classes because my favorite professor apparently has two different teaching styles and he was using the one I wasn’t used to. And then there was the film festival that weekend. So I was busy with friends from the west side who ended up coming back for the premiere of the film we made for the film slam. And then I was managing 4-5 meetings, 3 of which are all on Thursdays and interfere with each other.

Anywho, I’ve got a better handle on school things. So posts will happen. But they might be a bit weird due to the 100 Happy Days challenge being over. So yay! Now I’m going to go eat breakfast looking like a piece of shit and then help some friends make a movie.


P.S. I challenge you all to the 100 Happy Days challenge!

P.S.S. This post was going to be up yesterday but wifi was being stupid.

100 Happy Days: Day 100

September 27th, Day 2 of Film Slam:

Today was our filming day. Up above is the finished product. It was fun. I also had like 3 lines in it. I am no good in front of a camera. (Although I did end up winning Best Supporting Actress and Best Line for “Get Off My Porch”.) Anyway it was really fun. When we filmed in the alley we ran into a bunch of drunk and high people so it was awkward. But we got all of our filming done in one day!


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P.P.S. Here’s a behind the scenes clip watch it because it’s way too funny:

100 Happy Days: Day 99

September 26th, Day 1 of Film Slam:


This weekend Aaron Amort and Josh Davis (pictured above) came to visit and help with the Ellensburg 72 hour film slam. Since I don’t remember if you all know what a film slam is I guess I will explain. A film slam is where the board gives each team certain perimeters to create a short film. Most of these parameters are different for each team except for one aspect that every team has. This film slam was 72 hours. So we had from Friday evening until Monday evening to create a short film. And this was the night we had to storyboard and write the script. And I was on both the storyboard team and the writing team. YAY. Unfortunately I had to keep myself awake to finish the script since everyone else left. But it was fun.


P.S. Learn more about 100 Happy Days here!

P.P.S. Special thanks to Aaron Amort’s phone for taking the beautiful pictures above.

100 Happy Days: Day 98

September 25th, Second Day of Classes & Open Mic Night:


Today was a weird day. It started out really stressful. And MPC almost didn’t do the film slam. And I was stressed. So I went to my friend’s place at the grove and we chilled for a bit. Which helped me feel better. Then I came back to see Brennan for open mic night because I’m awesome. And during the first act Josh called me and made me feel ether by telling me that he and Aaron were going to come up anyway. So I got a lot happier and the day ended pretty well. I told Aaron about it telepathically. And found out that he knew beforehand. But whatever. I didn’t care. Josh made my day.


P.S. Find out more about 100 Happy Days!

P.P.S. Brennan was amazing and definitely one of the best acts of the night!

100 Happy Days: Day 97

September 24th, First Day of Classes:


Today was the worst first day of classes ever. And it kind of sucked–a lot. I have a poetry class from 2-5:20pm. And above is a picture I had to look at and write a poem  about the picture and then add an article and then completely rearrange it. And here it is:

Screen Shot 2014-10-02 at 4.04.51 PM


P.S. Find out more about 100 Happy Days!

P.S.S. Poetry, ugh.

P.S.S.S. I am proud of that poem before the article.

100 Happy Days: Day 96

September 23rd, Wildcat Welcome Weekend (Convocation):


Today was the last day of the Wildcat Welcome Weekend. Which means it was my last day as an Orientation Leader. Which is sort of sad. But it was also my last day of sleep deprivation due to work. Right after work I stopped by the Motion Picture Club (MPC) tabling thing and tabled with them. We even got a few new people to sign up. And it was fun. And that’s where the above picture was taken. Kristen and I were taking a selfie and then Aaron photobombed making this masterpiece.


P.S. Check out 100 Happy Days here!

P.S.S. I also had to wear a gown and cap and I got a fancy coin.


100 Happy Days: Day 95

September 22nd, Wildcat Welcome Weekend (Lip Sync):

So tonight I worked the Lip Sync which was the last contest for the Wildcat Cup. And apparently the OLs did a thing. And it was All the Single Ladies. And it was a mess. But it was hilarious and fun. And I couldn’t find any pictures from this day. Which is sad. But it was fun. And North won. So that was awesome. And yeah.


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100 Happy Days: Day 94

September 21st, Wildcat Welcome Weekend (Late Night In the SURC):


Tonight, (heh heh sorry)  worked the Wildcat Welcome Weekend at Late Night in the SURC but I didn’t know what to do before it started so I went to the Jet City Improv show. Now, I loved improv when I took a couple of acting classes. And while I like being the one doing the improv I still think it’s quite funny. They did this thing where the audience gave them an inanimate object and they turned into a thing by saying “I like my men/women like I like my (insert object here)…” They wanted people to go up and say ones if they had anything. But it was awkward. So people just raised their hands after the fact. One of the words was school bus. Someone said “I like my men like I like my school bus, riding low.” Another word was string. And well mine is pictured. Lots of people laughed at mine. And I felt awesome.


P.S. Learn more about 100 Happy Days here!

P.S.S. I also found my true calling was to serve pizza to hundreds of hungry college students.