100 Happy Days: Day 94

by Laekin

September 21st, Wildcat Welcome Weekend (Late Night In the SURC):


Tonight, (heh heh sorry)  worked the Wildcat Welcome Weekend at Late Night in the SURC but I didn’t know what to do before it started so I went to the Jet City Improv show. Now, I loved improv when I took a couple of acting classes. And while I like being the one doing the improv I still think it’s quite funny. They did this thing where the audience gave them an inanimate object and they turned into a thing by saying “I like my men/women like I like my (insert object here)…” They wanted people to go up and say ones if they had anything. But it was awkward. So people just raised their hands after the fact. One of the words was school bus. Someone said “I like my men like I like my school bus, riding low.” Another word was string. And well mine is pictured. Lots of people laughed at mine. And I felt awesome.


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P.S.S. I also found my true calling was to serve pizza to hundreds of hungry college students.