100 Happy Days: Day 98

by Laekin

September 25th, Second Day of Classes & Open Mic Night:


Today was a weird day. It started out really stressful. And MPC almost didn’t do the film slam. And I was stressed. So I went to my friend’s place at the grove and we chilled for a bit. Which helped me feel better. Then I came back to see Brennan for open mic night because I’m awesome. And during the first act Josh called me and made me feel ether by telling me that he and Aaron were going to come up anyway. So I got a lot happier and the day ended pretty well. I told Aaron about it telepathically. And found out that he knew beforehand. But whatever. I didn’t care. Josh made my day.


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P.P.S. Brennan was amazing and definitely one of the best acts of the night!