100 Happy Days: Day 99

by Laekin

September 26th, Day 1 of Film Slam:


This weekend Aaron Amort and Josh Davis (pictured above) came to visit and help with the Ellensburg 72 hour film slam. Since I don’t remember if you all know what a film slam is I guess I will explain. A film slam is where the board gives each team certain perimeters to create a short film. Most of these parameters are different for each team except for one aspect that every team has. This film slam was 72 hours. So we had from Friday evening until Monday evening to create a short film. And this was the night we had to storyboard and write the script. And I was on both the storyboard team and the writing team. YAY. Unfortunately I had to keep myself awake to finish the script since everyone else left. But it was fun.


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P.P.S. Special thanks to Aaron Amort’s phone for taking the beautiful pictures above.