The Dog Ate My Homework

by Laekin

So it took me 3 weeks to finish up my 100 Happy Days posts. And there was an actual reason for it. I was in the middle of two jobs and I was super sleep deprived. And then of course school started the day after I went back to just one job. And then that weekend was the film slam. And then classes. And I was struggling in one of my classes because my favorite professor apparently has two different teaching styles and he was using the one I wasn’t used to. And then there was the film festival that weekend. So I was busy with friends from the west side who ended up coming back for the premiere of the film we made for the film slam. And then I was managing 4-5 meetings, 3 of which are all on Thursdays and interfere with each other.

Anywho, I’ve got a better handle on school things. So posts will happen. But they might be a bit weird due to the 100 Happy Days challenge being over. So yay! Now I’m going to go eat breakfast looking like a piece of shit and then help some friends make a movie.


P.S. I challenge you all to the 100 Happy Days challenge!

P.S.S. This post was going to be up yesterday but wifi was being stupid.