Cat Therapy

by Laekin

This week has been super stressful and I have not been feeling well lately. So I went to the doctor and was prescribed me something. Unfortunately, I might need a few more tests before anything can be confirmed or treated perfectly. Ick.

I’ve also been easily irritated and tired and emotional this week. It sucks. I went to go see Interstellar in Theaters. And I paid $11.00 to cry for about 120/169 minutes of the movie. I mean, it was a great emotional release and stuff, but totally not worth $11.00. I’m frugal. Good movie though.

OOH. And I had a fantastic version of cat therapy this weekend too. I got to play with this cat:


Oh. And I guess Aaron visited all weekend and stuff. We were supposed to film a script on Saturday, but it was really cold and a lot of things were going haywire so the shoot was canceled. So instead the crew played video games all weekend and went to go see Interstellar at the movie theaters. It was really great to see one of my closest friends and talk to him face to face rather than facebook.

But the cat was the best. She would have followed him home. Aaron’s apparently the cat whisperer. But she napped with me while everyone else was playing video games. Although having a chauffeur was really nice this weekend, Aaron’s back in Seattle sleeping. (Also my apartment searching is going about as well as my job searching, which is fantastic!)