Haircuts and cats

by Laekin

So I totally went home to get a haircut. And to pet my cats. So that venture went really well. I was super exhausted before I left and my boss bought me my first starbucks and brought it back for me before I left. It was super nice and awesome because I really love starbucks and I’m super poor.


And I drove back home and spent some quality time with my grumpy, people hating cats. Although Tiffy was happy that he had someone to turn on the faucet so he could rehydrate himself.


And then of course my hair died and fell off my head with some help from my cousin and her scissors. I think it’s commonly referred to by a normal person as a haircut. Therefore my face with same hair but less.


OOH. And I totally found a blast from the past with a modern twist on it. I used to drink these things all the time but I never even fathomed that they would a mango peach flavor.