Recent Things

by Laekin

  • I want to be a poet.
  • I want to go to Iowa for Grad school.
  • I borrowed this amazing book.
  • I started watching really amazing shows.
  • I go apartment hunting tomorrow.
  • My insomnia is back.

So I kind of accidentally rediscovered myself. I guess I have been blocking out certain aspects of myself subconsciously. And taking this Poetry Writing course has really brought back my creative side. It’s also part of the reason why I want to go to Grad School at Iowa State. Apparently my professor has connections. And I met the admissions director. And I’m super poor. But when I start applying places, I’m definitely going to try there. Oh. And speaking of Poetry Writing. I had no idea this class would be so great. It’s not even really the coursework, but the people. I think our class has gotten pretty close–even though we only meet once a week. And I’m going to be really sad when I move away. But I have new friends. And I ain’t about to disappear for good. Because I would like to keep some of those friends! Speaking of Poetry Writing friends, I have a book in my possession that is not mine. And no I did not steal it. But I might. But I won’t. (I’m obviously still debating if I want to give it back.)

Anyway, this book is the most amazing thing that I have ever read. It definitely looks like something I wrote, if I had had all that knowledge. This book is called How To Be a Person The Stranger’s Guide To College. And it is the truest book you will ever read. But apparently it ships film nerds with english nerds. And apparently neither know much about the other. There is a section called “Everything you need to know to successfully flirt with film nerds” and another section called “Spoiler alerts for big novels so you can flirt with english nerds as if you’ve already read them” and that’s it. No more flirting sections for anyone else. There’s this great Poetry section.  And a section about describing certain types of people and the old people one is particularly hilarious. Pretty much all of the sex section is just screwing with you. But in a really sarcastic and humorous way. It’s super perfect. There’s a great section on Feminism. I demand all of you read it. Because women are PEOPLE. (What!?)

Oh and I started watching The 100 and Red vs. Blue. And they are both amazing. The 100 reminds me of Lost but with super attractive people and sex and outer space. Red vs. Blue is full of very funny jokes. Kind of the same type of comedy as How To Be a Person.

Tomorrow I start the long and distant journey of traveling all the way to Seattle, WA. This where my mother, my future roommate, and I will all be touring apartments and deciding which apartment we would like to call home. I am super anxious but excited at the same time.

And apparently my rediscovery of myself has led to the rediscovery of my insomnia.

Here are some pictures from the book that you need to read to prove to you that you need to read it:

IMG_5259IMG_5260 IMG_5263IMG_5264



P.S. Thank you fellow nerd who lent me this book. I definitely will maybe give it back to you.


P.P.P.S. The end of this book has a page purely dedicated to discussing the fonts they chose. I am super happy about this because I was actually curious about what fonts the used.